Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Liberal Media At It Again.

We've recently learned that President Bush has failed to sell the idea of phasing out traditional Social Security benefits because of the liberal media.

And lo! The liberal media is at it again!

First, a quick primer. Social Security has promised more future benefits than it will be able to afford. To restore balance, we have to get fewer benefits than we otherwise would, pay higher taxes, or both.

Congratulations, liberal media! You've succeeded in reducing the complexity of the debate so that now, instead of a possible (some say likely) scenario in which Social Security can pay promised benefits indefinitely, we understand that "more benefits have been promised than we can afford and painful choices have to be made". Oops! I guess that's a conservative simplification. But for a liberal alternative, try Bruce Webb

Ok, onward, liberal media!

Although Pozen has become a White House favorite, his approach is far different than Bush's. Pozen is a big fan of the private accounts Bush touts as part of his "ownership society," but wants to fix Social Security's finances before dealing with the controversial accounts. "Solvency first," Pozen says. Bush wants to begin with private accounts, which do nothing to make the system solvent. The obvious solution fits on a bumper sticker: compromise.

Lo, the obvious bumper sticker solution! Phase Social Security out by alienating the middle class with big benefit cuts, but paying them their benefits while they are still working so they'll tire of supporting a welfare program when they retire! Thank goodness the "liberal media" has given us the bumper sticker solution that a "compromise" should blend the Pozen plan with Bush's private accounts on top.

Even though the polls run about two to one favoring maintaining traditional Social Security benefits, thank goodness the liberal media has reeducated us on the obvious compromise!


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